A Bhutanese friend of mine made a comment that sharing what you love and your personal perspective on the world is so important. If you keep everything in, on the inside, than the only person that can benefit is you. But by sharing what you love, this helps everyone develop into more conscious, inspired, and whole human being. In his comment, he was actually, saying thank you for posting all the images I’ve taken of his country – but I really gravitated to the deeper meaning of his remark.

Earlier in the day before he said that, I ran into these boys on the mountaintop. Their instant enthusiasm and positive energy was something that everyone can learn from. They could have just said hi and been on their way. However, we stopped each other and started to chat and lo-and-behold they were more than happy to share their talents. It may have been a small gesture to them, but it made my day. Its amazing what kind of effect we can have on each other when we open up and share what we love.
So many people hold their talents inside, afraid of what people will think or not ready to give of themselves. I think its important to remember to be bold and daring with your love, share what you can, stretch yourself beyond your limits. More often than not, it will come back to you manifold ~~


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