Throwing Khuru

Throwing Khuru

The Bhutanese national sport is archery and the close second is Khuru, a Bhutanese version of sturdy outdoor darts. I am always hesitant to get too close because both games are often accompanied by copious drinking of arra (local rice wine) – which loudens and increases the whooping of victory, and the hollering of taunting opponents. Bhutanese men are usually pretty quiet, but these games transform them. Usually if you sit outside on the weekend, you can ‘hear’ a game of archery going on somewhere in the vicinity. I still cant get over how friends usually stand next to the target to help guide their friend’s aim – yes, there was already one prominent accident of a young guy getting shot by an arrow this year! Nevertheless, if drinking were allowed in the Olympics, Bhutanese would definitely win the archery, their aim is usually amazing!


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