Open your soul and dance ~

Open your soul and dance ~

“Every man dies – not every man really lives.” ~William Wallace

Once a year, the masks come out, and the dance of ages commences in Thimphu for the Tsechu festival – a series of Guru Rinpoche and traditional parable type story inspired dances. The festival is held in the courtyard of the Dzong and in the newly constructed amphitheater adjacent. Thimphu’s residents come out in their finest traditional ghos and kiras, (some are worth near $1000!), and the scene is bursting with color and commotion. From early morning till about 3pm the dances are held, with the exception of the 3rd day’s unrolling of the giant Guru Rinpoche banner sometime around 4-5am, which will stay unrolled until just before the first light shines on it. The dance pictured is the dance of the stag. Most of the sacred dances are performed by monks, with the exception of some laymen.


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