Mi Casa

Mi Casa

I live on the second floor of this house, those are my windows on the 2nd floor left. I share this Bhutanese style thick, mud-walled house with traditional windows with a Bhutanese Family who also lives on the second floor (not connected); the downstairs is being remodeled, and there’s another room on the back side that is also being rented out. There’s a big garden all around the house that the family keeps up: lettuce, tomatoes, apples, green onions, peppers, sunflowers, parsley, corn, potatoes……and lots of flowers. I enjoy wandering and picking morsels for my dinner. I live about a 10min walk from town, up a bit on the hill – a workout everyday! Because we’re so high up and in a soupbowl of mountains, and in monsoon season, everyday the weather is a bit unpredictable… crazy cloud patterns, sun then downpour, mystic clouds then thunder, blue sky then billowing cloud cover….i never leave home without sunglasses and a rain jacket.


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