back by popular demand….

back by popular demand....

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. -Einstein

I wonder if it was an old woman that painted this on her house? I wonder how the painting was christened? I am looking at the front of the house, but I wonder if the real life’s-masterpiece is on the back of the house, in comparison to this small, modest 3-foot version in full color ? I wonder what my neighbors would say back in SB if I painted this on my house as a tribute to ‘culture’? hmmm how much longer should I stand here and stare at this person’s house…if I was in the US, I bet they’d be filming me…here only the cows are watching.

(…one sees odes to the sacred, good luck, protection penis often on buildings in Bhutan, yes, seriously…but feel free to come and inspect for yourself.  It relates to the crazy wisdom of Lama Drukpa Kunley (1455-1529) whose unconventional ways of teaching about Buddhism – letting go of illusion, letting go of desire, abandoning set thought patterns etc – really stuck in Bhutan)




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