Monks, Monkies, and Monasteries, oh my!

Monks, Monkies, and Monasteries, oh my!

our hike up to Cheri Monastery was blessed with a visit of a tribe of monkeys, babies too…..oh yes, and a lot of meditating monks, happy to have some visitors in their months of solitude. on our hike up to Tango Monastery the sky opened up as we were hiking up through the clouds and it poured! we were soaked. Luckily the monks felt sorry for us when we finally arrived and gave us some tea and cookies. They were in a 45 day retreat and we could see puja rooms full of monks, rocking back and forth reciting prayers. I was told over 400 monks are living at Tango for their studies! When the bell rings you hear a thundering of footsteps along the wooden floors and down the steep, ladder staircases, as monks shuffle onto their next prayer or meditation duty in the multi-storied ancient monastery. We were sitting meditating in one of the main temple rooms when the gong began to ring out and we were ushered into a private smaller front room that held all the principle Buddha statues so that all the monks could come into the main room (that looks onto the main statues – but they couldnt see us sitting on the floor in front). It was all very surreal and magical and very very peaceful. We were later invited to tea with one of the main teachers, and invited to come back again – yes please!


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