Thangka Painters in Full Concentration

Thangka Painters in Full Concentration

a visit to the traditional arts school in Thimphu, and one is greeted by the welcome site of students of the fine arts hard at work. In order to be a traditional Thangka painter or a woodcarver, students spend 6 years here. Other students work in pottery and metalwork and tailoring and spend 4 years perfecting their national craft. I would have loved to see the professor come in and chew them out about having a crosseyed buddha or an ill-proportioned yogi but the students seemed left up to their own devices today. Note the wall in the background is even painted very beautifully (I was told the most basic, rudimentary design)— I think i will do this cloud motif in my house someday ; ) Also note that for special works like this one (that will be donated to a monastery) the students work with mineral paints and not chemical paints so they dont have to wear masks and will not suffer the ill-effects of a lifetime of inhaling chemical paint – they will for years be able to get up close and personal with the Buddha ; )


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